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About The Artist



Lea Moore-Beulah


Lea Moore-Beulah’s acrylic paintings are displayed in numerous business offices and private collections throughout the United States.

Her artistic pieces are the result of over twenty years of experiences in both the engineering world and the world of art. Her works involve use of brilliant and vibrant colors that give the sensations of movement.

She founded the company Lea’s Works in 1995 to showcase her work in both acrylic paintings and custom framing.

Later she trained with Wilton, Inc. and added custom cakes to her repertoire. The majority of her work is done by commission. She works directly with clients to meet their requirements with delight!

Artist Statement: "Vibrant Color! Movement! Life! Joy! Thought!

These are the words that come to mind when I create. I see the vibrancy of life, the uplifting of spirit, the joy, as we move along our chosen pathways. I have a thought or feeling that I express in each piece of art; I invite the viewer to come along for the ride or to take a different path, ending in a different place but on the same canvas."

Ms. Moore-Beulah’s works can also be seen in the award-winning “He’ll Lift You Up” children’s video.

Ms. Moore-Beulah is a member of the Naperville Art League, Naperville, IL..

Chicago - Atlanta - New York - St. Louis - Washington, DC - Ft. Worth
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